Hello Dearest Ones ,
I have created this Loving Blog
for Us to meet in ,
to share Loving Inspirations ,
and to Create Lovingly together in .

I have found it sad that
LOVE has become a word so
lightly used , to manipulate and
abuse others .
Sad too , to hear how many Folk
believe that " True Love "
only exists in Books and Movies .
The Loving Energy
seems to have been replaced
with the energies of greed
and selfishness .

However , it is never too late
to experience the Magic
and Miracles , that abound in
the " Bubble of Unconditional Love "
For when You open Your Heart
and Mind to this warm ,
safe , shiny feeling ...
that opens Your eyes to
the Beauty that surrounds You ...
then Life's adventures truly begin ! 

We are born filled with the energy
of Pure Love ...
it is here that We are taught
to Fear...
and are often
" teased and laughed at "
for " believing in
and living in Love ".

It is Other's insecurities that
create these fears ...
So , let go of other people's
fearful out looks , expectations
and beliefs ,
and allow the " Wise One within "
to open You to the amazing
Miracles that Love creates .

Ask the Angels to guide You
to Loving People and
Loving Situations .
Allow the Faerie Folk to fill
You with the wonderful
feelings of joy and shiny lightness !
And allow this Powerful ,
Positive Energy to fill Your
whole Being , creating a
Life filled with all the good things
You wish for .... and deserve !
I find it more than sad ,
to see how little
" Love and Gratitude '
is shared now-a-days !
I was taught to always show
My Gratitude for Gifts
received and for
compliments shared !

When You realize that
the more You show Gratitude ,
the more You are given to be
Grateful for , then Your
Life becomes filled with even
 more than You wished for !

We have been so
" badly brainwashed "
into believing that to be
Loving , or to show
 Loving emotions , 
is a " soppy / sissy thing "
and " something You
do not show in Public "
" Love " has been turned into
manipulative " sex "...
and movies , magazines ,
politics , religion ,
newspapers and TV shows
have been Our main
negative influences !

It is never too late to allow
the Magical energies of
True Unconditional Love ,
Gratitude and Trust
to change any situation in
Your life that is not
for Your Highest Good .
Everyone deserves to be Loved...
to Live in Love ...
and to have the very best in Life !
For this is Our Birthright !

Sometimes You find
that Others may feel threatened
by Your " Loving lifestyle " ,
and Their fears try
to bring You down .
Surround Yourself , and Them ,
with extra
Rainbows of Love ,
knowing that They will
eventually be attracted to
this Shiny Positive Energy !
If They do not wish to ,
 let it be ....
no matter how hard
that may feel !

May the Positive Energies
of Love , Peace
and Happiness ,
 surround You forever !
Keep on Shining
and being
sooooooo Special !